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  • Are there any requirements to participate in the program?
    Anyone who has completed Grade 11 or Grade 12 is eligible to participate in the program. The applicant must not have enrolled in a Bachelor’s program. Students must have access to a computer and a stable internet connection for video calls. Please contact us if you want to participate in this program but cannot meet this requirement.
  • What are the time commitments like?
    Students are required to commit at least 15 hours per week to the program. The more time you can put into the program, the more you'll likely get out of the program.
  • Can the students currently in grade 11 apply for Incubate Nepal?
    As long as you've completed at least a year in grade 11 you are eligible.
  • Are the candidates who were not offered a place in the last two years eligible?
    Yes, if you're not enrolled in a university yet, you are eligible to apply again.
  • Program Overview
  • Is the program free?
    Yes! There is absolutely no cost to attend the program.
  • Where will the program be held?
    This program will be conducted virtually. All communication will happen via video calls.
  • How will the 8 weeks of the program be organized?
    In the first week, students and mentors meet each other in their individual teams and discuss how they will move forward as a team to complete the project. All the teams will start their project from day 1 itself. There will also be introductions, games, and learning sessions for the whole cohort in the first week. From the 2nd to the 7th week, the teams will focus on working on their projects under the guidance of their allocated mentor. The teams will wrap up their projects in the 8th week. In the end, there will be a project showcase involving distinguished guests. The team members will be flexible with their individual working hours but will have to attend the weekly meetings mandatorily.
  • Selection Procedure
  • Are there any cut-offs for GPA/grades for the application process?
    No, we do not have any strict cut-offs.
  • Is the selection process holistic or is there a certain part of the application that is more important?
    All the applications will be considered on a holistic basis and all the components of the application will be considered to select a diverse and talented set of participants. We are looking for a group with strong work-ethic, creativity, and ambition. Check out our blog to know about the application process: Blog
  • Projects
  • What are some example projects students will work on?
    The mentors will already have prepared the general project idea and its outline, which will be revealed to the students on the first day. The students will be placed in teams where they work on a single project. The project could range from any field: biology, physics, computer science, economics, and arts (based on the students' interests). The projects will involve either writing a research paper or preparing a prototype of an app. In the past, students of a computer science team created a currency-recognition app for the visually impaired community while the physics team researched the tilt angles of solar panels according to different geographical belts in Nepal. You can learn more about the projects in the "Highlighted Projects" section of the website or visit our Facebook Page
  • Do we get to choose projects of our interests or are they assigned randomly?
    You will be assigned to projects based on your interests and skills that are shown on your application.
  • Further Queries
  • How can I be a mentor?
    If you are interested to be part of a Incubate Nepal as a mentor for 2024 please fill up this Form.
  • Why should I participate in the program?
    You will have the opportunity to collaborate with smart and motivated individuals to work on real-world projects. You will build a relationship with accomplished mentors from competitive universities. You can also showcase your project in your CV to gain an edge.
  • Is this program only for Science and Engineering students?
    No. This program will feature projects across various disciplines: natural sciences, engineering, economics, humanities, and so on.
  • Do you give priority to the high schoolers over those in gap year?
    No priorities will be given to anyone. Your selection depends on your application merit.
  • How can I contact Incubate Nepal for any questions?
    You can email us at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook Page.

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