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Incubate Nepal is an 8-week virtual program that connects students from all over Nepal to collaborate on open-ended projects. These students are matched with accomplished mentors as they navigate through their projects in small teams. Students will need to think creatively, deeply, and collaboratively as they write papers or prototype apps during the program. Mentors and guest speakers will also provide guidance on the US college admission process, as well as career advice in research and entrepreneurship. Incubate Nepal is completely free and available to students who have completed Grade 11 or Grade 12, and not yet enrolled in university.

This program was founded by a group of MIT and Harvard graduates to make project-based learning more accessible to students in Nepal. In addition to connecting students from all over Nepal, this virtual program offers mentorship and exposure to open-ended projects.

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    2020 - Computer Science

    Drishti Nepal

    Drishti is an android based mobile application that recognizes different Nepalese currency notes and gives its audio output. Project Drishti is driven by a team of like-minded individuals together with the amazing powers of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning working to empower low vision and visually impaired individuals in Nepal in their financial transactions.

    Check out the following to know more about project Drishti Nepal:

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    2021 - Computer Science & Art

    Art Hub Nepal

    Art Hub Nepal documented Nepali public artworks, creating a database of local paintings, murals, sculptures and architecture throughout Nepal. Art Hub Nepal uses this database of artwork to create an interactive map as an intuitive way for Nepali and foreign users to find and appreciate local art in Nepal. We hope to bridge the gap between local art, artists and society through Art Hub Nepal.

    Check out the following to know more about Art Hub Nepal:

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    2020 - Economics

    Team Arthasashtra

    Project Artha's Economics Research provides deep insights on the relationship between one of the most prominent sources of income in Nepal - Remittance - and its impact on five major sectors, namely Education, Consumer Spending, Economic Investments, Migration Trends, and Youth Unemployment with the context of the global pandemic COVID-19 in mind. To understand the complex impact of Remittance, along with data analysis using econometric models, the team also included real-life perspectives through interviews with Nepalese migrant workers and forward-leaning policy proposals.

    Check out the following to know more about Team Arthasashtra's work:

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    2021 - Art History

    Team Samsara

    Team Samsara worked together to research in the field of Thangka Art and Paintings at Incubate Nepal. While there is a variety of styles and iconography in the art form, the methods and conventions for creating such work are often highly defined and scriptural. The team identified and explored themes that serve as the discourse analysis of Thangka art in the first quarter of the 21st century. They crafted a paper titled “The Intersection of Tradition and Modernity in Thangka painting: Discourse Analysis” to understand the perspectives of artists, art sellers, galleries, and buyers in this field during the course of eight weeks at Incubate Nepal.

    Check out the following to know more about Team Samsara's work:

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    2020 - Physics

    Team Brahmanda

    At Incubate Nepal, team Brahmanda ventured on the quest to "Explore the history and the fate of the universe" and answer fundamental questions about the universe. Team Brahmanda started with the Friedmann's equations to model the expansion of the universe. They then dug deep into understanding the presence of matter, dark matter and dark energy in the universe. They were able to use their research to calculate the age of the universe from the first principles as well as predict the state of the universe in the future.

    Check out the following to know more about Team Brahmanda's work:

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    2021 - Biology

    Team Tumornators

    Team Tumornators worked on their biology project of Target Validation in novel CDK-12 Protein whose function is increasing in cancer cells. Team Tumornators proposed 3 experiments to validate CDK12's role: Western Blot, IC50 Cell Viability Assay and Flow Cytometry during their project course. In addition, computational drug discovery tools were implemented amongst a group of potent inhibitors extracted from literature and the potential best inhibitor was proposed by the team.

    Check out the following to know more about Team Tumornators's work:


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Meet Our Team


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    Abishkar Chhetri

    Abishkar is working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft. He graduated from MIT with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics. His academic interests include human-computer interaction, reinforcement learning, and the intersection between Ethics and AI. Besides being a total nerd, he also enjoys playing soccer, meditation, and rock climbing.

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    Ahilya Khadka

    Ahilya is a graduate from Harvard where she studied Economics and Statistics. In college, she was involved in South Asian Cultural organizations, Social Innovation Club, and conducted research with the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences. Ahilya is passionate about access to higher education and worked at the Harvard Admissions office for several years. In her free time, Ahilya likes running, reading the news, and mastering the true art of being a Zillenial and watching 19th century period dramas. Currently, Ahilya works in product and data and

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    Bibek Pandit

    Bibek is a student at MIT pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Physics, with a deep interest in computer systems, machine learning and energy. During his time at MIT, Bibek has had a variety of experiences: from conducting particle physics research and building robots, to working at Facebook and various other startups. Bibek has also learned a lot about the world from his travels to China, Switzerland, France, Spain and other countries. Besides work, he enjoys meditation, reading fiction and non-fiction, and playing soccer.

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    Shreeansh Agrawal

    Shreeansh double majored in Mathematics and Art History at Amherst College and constantly has one foot in each boat. He is working as a research analyst at The Brattle Group, while doing research on auction theory in art markets. In his free time, he loves reading and watching good films.

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    Surya Tripathi

    Surya grew up as a farmer in the beautiful village of Hemja in Pokhara. He attended Gandaki Boarding School starting from primary school and studied IB diploma in the UK through Pestalozzi Trust. After taking a gap year, he got into MIT as a bioengineering major. where he developed a passion in microbiology and preventive medicine. Surya has numerous publications in Nature and Cell in these topics. Currently, he is a PhD student at UC Berkeley, and aside from research, loves mentoring and helping students.

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    Simanta Gautam

    Simanta is an engineer and entrepreneur with interests in technology and social systems. After graduating from MIT, he started an artificial intelligence company in Silicon Valley, and recently led it through an acquisition. Simanta has been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and has numerous patents and publications in computer science. He is often found tinkering on side projects that range from experimental gardening and woodworking to writing code. Simanta is also a food critic, and enjoys creative contemporary takes on traditional food.

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    Kailash Pandey

    Kailash has been working in research and data science at Harvard Business School and Precision Development, a non-profit led by experts at the forefront of international development and economic research. Previously, he worked at an economic consulting firm after graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. He has been spearheading both technical and strategic fronts on the applications of satellite remote sensing for millions of smallholder farmers in rural India and other developing nations. He is passionate about making systems-level changes in food security, educational access, and health equity. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering in the local community, playing musical instruments, and racquet sports, and is always excited for some mountain biking or hiking.

Student Leaders

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    Student Leader

    Joon Shakya

    Joon Shakya is high school graduate from St. Xavier's College, Maitighar who is a big computer enthusiast. Spending most of his time in computers, he has gained a lot of technical skills and taught himself programming, full-stack web development, animation, video editing, etc. He had also led his juniors when he was an executive member in St. Xavier's College's Computer Club and taught them website development.

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    Student Leader

    Priyanshu Pokhrel

    Having completed her high school and worked with multiple firms in Nepal, Priyanshu is someone who thrives on challenges, intellectual or otherwise. In the future, she intends to pursue a double degree in Economics and Mathematics at Wesleyan University. Reflecting on her experience with the existing education system, she aims to create a space where every individual could follow their passion without restrictions. Incubate Nepal, she claims, gave her the room to explore her interests and now she wants to share the same platform with other students. Besides that, Priyanshu loves to spend her time watching psychological thrillers and mockumentaries.

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    Student Leader

    Sandesh BK

    Sandesh, an alumn of Incubate Nepal 2021, is a student and child rights activist. He has been at the forefront in the campaign for a child-friendly environment in different roles since 2016. He had also served as a volunteer teacher at Divya Jyoti Basic School of Pokhara in 2021. Besides his involvement in child rights activism, he founded a youth organization named Leadership Forum Pokhara that focuses on leadership schooling and emphasizes indagation-based learning, where he has been serving as chief of the organization department.

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    Student Leader

    Oshin Panta

    Oshin Panta is a high school graduate from Budhanilkantha School, Nepal, whose interests range from mathematics to entrepreneurship to UI/UX design. She has been a part of several socially responsible projects concerning women empowerment, climate change, and SRHR and truly believes in giving back to the community Aside from being an enthusiast for human-centered design, she likes conversing with new people and watching comedy videos. Oshin calls herself an ‘experientialist' and aspires to become a social entrepreneur in the future.



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